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In 1977, a straight outta drama school Robin Williams starred in a few bits for Can I Do It 'Till I Need Glasses?, a sex-theme sketch comedy movie. (In other words, it was a lesser Kentucky Fried Movie. ) But as the film was put together, Williams' sketches were cut. That was all well and good, until he became a huge star virtually overnight on Mork and Mindy the following year. His scenes were re-inserted (sex pun intended), and Can I Do It was re-released to theaters. Also released: a trailer prominently featuring Williams.

While he's best remembered for his iconic performance as Willy Wonka, Gene Wilder also collaborated with director Mel Brooks on a series of classic comedies, such as The Producers , Young Frankenstein , and most infamously, Blazing Saddles . This 1974 satire was a savage takedown of both the Western genre and race relations in America, and it featured Wilder as the Waco Kid, a drunken gunfighter who decides to help Sheriff Bart (Cleavon Little) face down racist townsfolk and an evil gang of cowboys, bikers, and Nazi soldiers. (It's a weird movie.)

?Kenny wrote several of MuzikMafia’s numerous mottos; “Music without Prejudice,” and “Love Everybody.” He describes the MuzikMafia as follows:

McDonald's has now also released its festive menu , which includes hot chocolate, toffee or spiced cookie lattes, a Terry's Chocolate Orange McFlurry, and two burgers: the beef and cheese feast, and the chicken winter warmer.

As we've mentioned before , Ford made ends meet as a carpenter while trying to make it as an actor. Ford thought his big break had come when he got a part in Lucas' American Graffiti , but afterward, he couldn't get any acting jobs and went back to carpentry . It's like what Jesus would have done if that whole messiah gig hadn't worked out.

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Picasso signed his first contract in Paris with art dealer by the name of Pere Menach. He agreed to pay Picasso 150 Francs per month, which is about the equivalent of US$750 today.

I had a swing set. It was metal and green and yellow and happy. My favorite thing to do was to swing as high as I possibly could, higher than the top bar. I also liked to jump off, mid-swing. I usually landed on my feet, but not always. Sprained both wrists once.

Big Kid - We've LandedBig Kid - We've LandedBig Kid - We've LandedBig Kid - We've Landed